Our Mission

Our Mission
Dr Pauley’s practice provides person centred, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated whole person health care to individuals and families in their communities.
Person Centredness: Dr Pauley understands that health, illness and disease are ultimately personal experiences, and that his principal role is to relieve personal disease in all its forms, in the manner best suited to each individual. The patient’s needs, values and desired health outcomes always remain central to Dr Pauley’s evaluation and management processes.
Continuity of Care: Dr Pauley seeks to build health, wellbeing and resilience through the continuing patient-doctor relationship, application of best available evidence in the unique context of each consultation, and planned coordination of clinical teamwork, resources and services.
Whole Person Care: Dr Pauley functions as a physician, counsellor, advocate and agent of change for individuals, families and their communities.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Skill: Dr Pauley’s high level diagnostic and therapeutic skills applied within continuing relationships deliver cost effective care that is highly valued by patients. Dr Pauley is skilled in managing uncertainty, undifferentiated illness and complexity, able to utilise best practice evidence in the light of individual circumstances, and engage his patients and families in understanding, planning and managing their health according to individual capacities.